“Bee Roads” cash boosts Myatt’s Fields greening effort

Our community is to benefit from a Lambeth Council and Mayor of London initiative to improve green spaces in urban areas.

Lambeth has been awarded £440,000 as part of Sadiq Khan’s rewilding initiative which will help provide further funding for the Council’s Bee Roads initiative. This ambitious programme is aimed at converting ten miles of roadside land, including roundabouts and verges of roads, into wildflower mini-meadows which will provide habitats for wildlife including butterflies, bumble-bees and other pollinators.

The roundabout on Knatchbull Road will be a major beneficiary of this scheme. At Lambeth’s Council meeting in January, Cllr Paul Gadsby and Cllr Annie Gallop received confirmation that the site had been chosen as part of the Bee Roads project.

Local Councillors have now asked Lambeth Council to deliver additional improvements as part of the project, including removing unsightly railings around the roundabout.

Cllr Paul Gadsby and Cllr Annie Gallop said:

“We have been campaigning for many years for more funding to be put into local greening and community gardening projects which really enhance the local neighbourhood for everyone, as well as improve local wildlife habitats. We have seen a lot of success in this area, including more projects taking off on our estates, which have been lead directly by residents.

“The Knatchbull Road projects is a welcome addition to the Bees Road scheme, and we are now pressing for this scheme to be expanded to include general improvements to the pavements surrounding the roundabout. We also want to see more of these projects across Myatt’s Fields.”

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Lambeth starts “conversation” on historical sites linked to the slave trade

Myatt’s Fields features prominently in a list of historical sites with proven links to the cruel transatlantic slave trade. Now Lambeth council is asking our communities for our views on their future.

The council has started a public conversation aimed at forging a consensus on how to deal with the sites.  Our area is already changing its name from “Vassall” to acknowledge its connection with an historical character strongly linked with the slave trade.

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Loughborough Road Healthy Route – your views wanted!

Ambitious plans to improve health and safety in our community are being unveiled by Lambeth Council.

If approved, the scheme — for a ‘healthy route’ on Loughborough Rd — will include protected cycle lanes, upgraded crossings and cycle traffic lights. The council is launching an online consultation event on Thursday, 17 March from 6pm.

Our Labour team have welcomed the initiative which, it’s hoped, will help deal with long-standing concerns about road safety and the environment at the junction with Akerman Rd in Myatt’s Fields. But, they say, further action is needed over a wider area, and other issues — such as congestion and speeding traffic — need to be addressed to make the neighbourhood a “safer, greener and cleaner” environment.

The Healthy Route proposals include:

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