Our Pledges

At the 2022 Lambeth council elections, Cllr Paul Gadsby and Cllr Annie Gallop made a series of pledges to their constituents for the next four years. These were:

Improve road safety across our community – We will work with residents to campaign for more action to improve road safety throughout Myatt’s Fields, including introducing more traffic calming measures like speed humps and pedestrian crossings, as well as lobbying for the enforcement of the 20 mph limit. 

Update: Local councillors have launched a series of surveys and petitions, including on Akerman Road, Patmos Road and around Myatt’s Fields Park, which will be presented to Lambeth’s Council meeting in July 2022: the Council responded by confirming in November 2022 a new package of funding for traffic related projects in Myatt’s Fields, including these roads and Loughborough Road.

The Council confirmed in January 2023 that it will be taking more action to address congestion and other problems on Cranmer Road near the Holland Town Estate following lobbying from councillors and residents.

Enhance  our local environment –  We will ask Lambeth to plant more trees and green planters on our streets, support community gardening projects on our estates, crack down harder on fly tipping and improve road sweeping across Myatt’s Fields. Over the next four years, we want to see more cycle infrastructure improvements, including more public bike storage hangers, and an expansion in the number of electrical car charging points. 

Update: Lambeth has agreed to include the Knatchbull Road roundabout in a new Bees Road wildlife project.

Lambeth has confirmed the installation of new bike hangers on:

In July 2022, the Council announced five new electrical charging points for vehicles following lobbying from local councillors.

Invest in our council homes and support private renters – We are delighted to see new council homes being built at Patmos Lodge: we want to see Lambeth build more council rent homes in the next four years in the borough, improve the  repairs service on our estates and take tougher action against rogue private-sector landlords.

Update: Work has begun on site at the Patmos Lodge development, with the homes expected to be completed in 2023/24.

Making our streets safer – We want to see improvements made to local policing in our community and will campaign for more funding for services which prevent violence against women and girls, and the new noise/anti-social behaviour phone line and response team for our estates.

Update: Councillors are working with the police to deal with localised issues of anti-social behaviour and crime: get in touch with your councillors if you have any issues you want to discuss.

Protect our local services – With our MP Flo Eshalomi, we will fight against any Tory cuts to our NHS, and lobby the council to continue its support for our Minet library and lobby for even more investment in Myatt’s Fields Park. 

Update: Investment continues to be made into Myatt’s Fields Park and we are pleased Lambeth has announced extra support for residents facing financial difficulty. In July 2022, local councillors joined a campaign against government cuts to local bus services.

Councillors have also joined forces with residents to fight plans by a for profit, private developer to take over council homes on the Lothian estate.